Encourage Sharing Info and Interaction

People Working In The Entertainment Industry With Pittsburgh Roots

Welcome to Pitt in Hollywood! Founded in 2002, we are an organization formed to encourage the interaction between the entertainment industry and the university community (including Pitt, CMU, Duquesne University and Point Park College).

Past PIH speakers have included producers Robert Cort (Save the Last Dance), Bernie Goldmann (Land of the Dead ), Bob Kusbit (TRL), manager Eric Gold (Jim Carrey, Vince Vaughn), actor David Conrad (Men of Honor),


Don Bellisario
(producer, JAG, Quantum Leap, Magnum P.I.)
Steve Bochco
(Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue)
John G. Conomikes
(executive, President/CEO of Hearst/Argyle Television)
Mark Cuban
(creator, Broadcast.com, actor, ARLI$$)
Laura Davis
(producer, documentary, Making of Everest, behind-the-scenes specials for HBO & A&E)
Andrea Davis
(writer/executive, VP production for Henry Winkler & Paula Weinstein/Garteh Wiggan)
Diane Driscoll
(producer, China Beach)
Scott Elias
(associate producer, Two Weeks Notice, Miss Congeniality 2)
Dan Fawcett
(general counsel, Fox Television)
Scott Ferguson
(producer, production manager, assistant director (Laurel Canyon, Man On The Moon)
Dan Formento
(executive, Vice President & Creative Director, ABC Radio Network)
Peter Frisch
(producer, The Young and the Restless)
Bernie Goldmann
(producer of WB’s Looney Tunes movie, executive on The Matrix, Ocean’s 11, Training Day)
Brian Hartman
(producer, Chasing Ghosts, Window Theory, Deep Rescue)
Dana Jackson
(producer, Park, studio executive/producer, Timepiece)
Tom Kaiser
(Seinfield, Will & Grace)
Ronna Kress
(casting, Moulin Rouge!, Cold Mountain)
Bob Kusbit
(producer, MTV, Made, Boiling Points, The One That Got Away)
Howard Levy
(head of sales, Buena Vista Television)
Greg Maday
(exec. Senior VP Warner Bros.)
Phil Nemy
(Disney/Touchstone Studio Executive)
Stephanie Palmer
(executive, senior story editor, MGM)
Lynn Picard
(executive vice-president, Lifetime Television Network)
Gary A. Randall
(An Unexpected Love, Vendetta)
Bob Reichblum
(producer, CNBC Primetime, Good Morning America)
Mark Rosenthal
(president of MTV networks)
David Salzman
(Mad TV, Jenny Jones show)
Scott Sander
(producer, Quantum project, first internet downloaded movie)
Gary Smith
(producer, Tony Awards, last Elvis special)
Jack Smith
(co-executive producer, The Young and the Restless)
Gary Streiner
Russ Streiner
(Night Of The Living Dead)
Joseph Strick
(Never Cry Wolf)
Bob Summers
(music executive, Sony Music International)
Paula Wagner
(Mission Impossible, Narc)
Adrienne Wehr
(producer, The Bread My Sweet)
Ken & Mitzie Welch
(producers of specials for Carol Burnett, Barry Manilow)
John Wells
(E.R., The West Wing)
Bud Yorkin
(Blade Runner, All In The Family)
Glenn T. Marrichi
(Producer/Creator, Family Forensics)


Peter Ackerman
(screenwriter, Ice Age, Fox Studios)
Jon Beckerman
(head writer, Letterman, executive producer/creator, Ed, NBC)
Albert Brooks
(at CMU for 6 months, Lost In America, Broadcast News)
Steve Cuden
(Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway); Teleplayer, X-Men, The Pink Panther)
Annie Dillard
(author, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, American Childhood)
Ed Driscoll
(Drew Carey Show, Dennis Miller Show, Academy Awards)
Joe Flaherty
(writer/actor, SCTV, actor, Happy Gilmore)
Herb Gardner
(A Thousand Clowns)
Mark Gibson
(Snow Dogs, Lush)
Marshall Goldberg
(L.A. Law, Joseph: King Of Dreams)
Jonathan Green
(writer, Late Show With David Letterman, CBS)
John Harrison
(writer/director, Dune, mini-series, Tales from the Crypt)
David Hollander
(The Guardian)
Carl Kurlander
(screenwriter, St. Elmo’s Fire; writer/producer, Saved By The Bell)
Maxine Lapiduss
(writer/producer, Dharma & Greg, Roseanne)
Sally Lapiduss
(writer/producer, Titus, The Nanny, Mad About You)
Brady Lewis
(writer/director, Daddy Cool)
Harry Litman
(Without A Trace)
David McCullough
(screenwriter, Truman; actor; Founding Brothers)
Terri Minsky
(Inspector Gadget, Lizzie McGuire)
Ron Nyswaner
Dennis Palumbo
(My Favorite Year)
Charles Peters
(Screenwriter-Director, Three Men and a Baby; Blame it on Rio)
Rick Rockwell
(writer, Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!)
Peter Sellars
(writer/director/actor, El Nino, King Lear, Don Giovanni)
Joel Solomon
(Total Request Live)
Tony Soltis
(Saved By The Bell, California Dreams)
Jerry Stahl
(CSI, Alf, Moonlighting; author, Permanent Midnight)
Norman Steinberg
(writer, Blazing Saddles; executive producer of The Ellen Burstyn Show & Raising Dad)
Jeff Stepakoff
(The Wonder Years, Tarzan (Disney) animated feature)
Andy Walker
(Se7en, Sleepy Hollow)
August Wilson
(The Piano Lesson)


Tom Cherones
(Seinfeld, Ellen, Men Behaving Badly, The Pitts)
Casey Childs
(All My Children)
Rusty Cundieff
(Chappelle’s Show, Fear of the Black Hat)
Bob Finkel
(The Bob Newhart Show, Barney Miller)
Antoine Fuqua
(Training Day)
Chris Goutman
(As The World Turns)
Charles Haid
(Iron Will, Riders of the Purple Sage, ER, High Incident)
Rowdy Herrington
(Striking Distance, Road House)
Milton Katselas
(Butterflies Are Free, also a famed acting teacher)
H.G. Lewis
(2000 Maniacs)
Mark Lhormer
(director of Sonoma Film Festival)
Kathleen Marshall
(The Music Man)
Rob Marshall
(Chicago, Annie)
Melissa Martin
(The Bread My Sweet)
Nicholas Mastandrea
(assistant director, Scream 3, Innocent Blood, Blow)
John Pasquin
(TV and film director, Home Improvement, Roseanne, Jungle 2 Jungle, The Santa Clause)
Edwin Porter
(The Great Train Robbery)
Joe Pytka
(Space Jam)
Bill Reichblum
(artistic director, Kadmus Theater Studio)
Greg Rempel
(The Murder)
George Romero
(Night Of The Living Dead, Bruiser)
Kevin Rupnik
(art director, All My Children)
John Scherer
(assistant director, Without A Trace, The Pretender)
John Shaffner
(art director, Friends, Drew Carey Show, Hope and Gloria)
Paul Smith
(director of music, Nickelodeon)
Steven Soderbergh
(Traffic, Eric Brockovich, Sex, Lies & Videotape)
Teddy Stoecklein
(art director, ads for Mastercard, Snickers & Pizza Hut)
James Widdoes
(director, 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, ABC; actor, Animal House)


F. Murray Abraham
(Amadeus, Children of the Revolution)
Tunde Adebimpe
(actor, Jump Tomorrow, Sundance Film Festival)
Marty Allen
(Circus of the Stars)
Philip R. Allen
(Star Trek III, The Bad News Bears)
Kurt Angle
(performer, World Wrestling Entertainment)
William Atherton
(Die Hard, Ghostbusters, Sugarland Express, Day of the Locust)
Rene Auberjonois
(Big Rivel; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Benson, M*A*S*H (film)
Michaline Babich
(receptionist in Hurlyburly; director, Kiss and Tell)
Julie Benz
(Angel, Jawbreaker)
Christian Borle
(actress, Law And Order, NBC)
Barbara Bosson
(Hill Street Blues, Murder One)
David Conrad
(Men Of Honor, Return To Paradise)
Dan Cortese
(MTV Sports)
Ted Danson
(Cheers, Becker)
Benicio Del Toro
Andy Dick
(Newsradio, Ben Stiller Show)
Linda Doucett
(Larry Sanders Show)
Colleen Dunn
(The Stepford Wives, Sunset Blvd.)
George Dvorsky
(The Scarlet Pimpernel)
Charles Esten
(Thirteen Days, The Drew Carey Show)
Barbara Feldon
(Get Smart)
Sutton Foster
(Thorougly Modern Millie, Annie)
Jonathan Frakes
(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Deborah Geffner
(All That Jazz, Living Out Loud)
Laura San Giacomo
(Sex, Lies & Videotape, The Stand, Just Shoot Me)
Scott Glenn
(Jack Crawford in Silence of the Lambs)
Jeff Goldblum
(Jurassic Park, Big Chill, The Fly)
Frank Gorshin
(The Riddler, George Burns)
Matt Kennedy Gould
(contestant, Joe Schmo)
Charles Grodin
(Heartbreak Kid, commentator, 60 Minutes II)
David Hanson
(Slap Shot)
Ethan Hawke
(at CMU for 6 weeks, Training Day, Reality Bites)
Suzi Hofrichter
(The Christmas Tree, How to Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog)
Laura Leigh Hughes
(actor, Virtuosity; founder, The Unusual Suspects)
Holly Hunter
(Broadcast News, The Piano)
Jenna & Amber
Shirley Jones
(actor, The Music Man, Elmer Gantry, The Partridge Family)
Melina Kanakaredes
Michael Keaton
(Jackie Brown, Clean And Sober, Batman)
Jack Klugman
(The Odd Couple, Quincy; M.E.)
Tom Kurlander
(actor, Kindergarten Cop, Young Guns II)
Richard LeParmentier
(General Motti in Star Wars)
Judith Light
(Who’s the Boss, Phenom)
Daniel London
(Wally the Caretaker in Minority Report)
Joe Manganiello
(Flash Thompson in Spider-Man)
Nancy Marchand
(The Sopranos, Lou Grant (four-time Emmy winner)
Frances McDormand
(Blood Simple, Fargo)
Dennis Miller
(Dennis Miller Live)
Demi Moore
(St. Elmo’s Fire, Charlie’s Angels)
Jenna Morasca
(contestant, Survivor, centerfold, Playboy)
Lenora Nemetz
(Broadway actor, Chicago, The Pajama Game)
Frank Nicotero
(host, Street Smarts)
Sam Nicotero
(Night of the Living Dead)
Bill Nunn
(Radio Raheem in Do the Right Thing)
Michele Pawk
(Hollywood Arms, Chicago, Cabaret)
George Peppard
(The A-Team, The Carpetbaggers)
Amy Povich
(actress, Law And Order, NBC; Sex In The City, HBO)
Linda Gabler Romoff
(Bells Are Ringing, Cabaret)
Lamman Rucker
(The Temptations, The Young and the Restless)
Tom Savini
(make-up artist, actor, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn)
Sharon Stone
(Basic Instinct, Sliver, Casino, Diabolique)
Patricia Tallman
(Leta on Babylon 5, Graduated from Carnegie-Mellon 1979)
Chad Taylor
(host, The Man Made Movie, TBS, Fish That Saved Pittsburgh)
Sam Temeles
(actor, Baywatch, Crossfire)
Sada Thompson
Michael Tucker
(L.A. Law, Radio Days, Diner
Blair Underwood
(L.A. Law, High Incident, City Of Angels)
Bruce Weitz
(Hill Street Blues)
Ming-Na Wen
(E.R., Mulan)
Patrick Wilson
(The Phantom of the Opera, The Alamo)


Christina Aguilera
George Benson
Art Blakey
(jazz musician)
Gary Chang
(composer, Under Siege, Stephen King’s Storm Of The Century)
Steve Dudas
(guitarist, Ozzy Osbourne, Ringo Starr)
Stephen Flaherty
(composer, Ragtime, Seussical, My Favorite Year)
Chris Franz
(musician, Tom Tom Club, Talking Heads, MTV)
Billy May
(composer, Chips, The Mod Squad)
John McDaniel
(musician, The Rosie O’Donnell Show)
Sid McGuiness
(guitarist on the Late Show with David Letterman)
Brett Michaels
Trent Reznor
(Nine Inch Nails)
John Schalcosky
(composer with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, great-great grand nephew of Peter Tchaikovsky)
Stephen Schwartz
(composer, Pocahontas, Godspell, Pippin, The Prince of Egypt)
Chris Sestric
(composer, tv commercials/movies)

Billy Strayhorn
(jazz musician)

Managers/Agents/Entertainment Industry:

Barry Frank
(sports agent, Muhammad Ali, John Madden, Bob Costas)
Eric Gold
(Scary Movie, In Living Color; manager, Jim Carrey, Ellen DeGeneres)
Geyer Kozinski
(agent, Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton)
Mike Marcus
(former head of MGM)
Jimmy Miller
(Elf, The Guardian; manager, Jim Carrey, Will Farrell)
Mark Schwartz
(agent, William Morris Agency, Jason Alexander, Puff Daddy)


Gordon Fales
(animator, Crank Yankers)
Megan Fales
(animator, Crank Yankers)
Adam Lane
(animator, Disney)


Allan Dodds Frank
(reporter, CNN)
Mariette Hartley
(Peyton Place, Today: The Morning Show)
Bob Reichblum
(executive producer, Good Morning America)


Rob Ashford
(choreographer, Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Immy Fiorentino
(Lighting Designer, Kate & Allie, The Cosby Show, Miss Universe Pageants)
Chris Klug
(Video game designer, E.A.)
Molly Maginnis
(Costume designer, Miss Firecrackel; Broadcast News, Sister Act, As Good As It Gets)
Michael Mayer
(Production designer, Star Trek, L.A. Law, Year in the Life, Judging Amy)
Gregory Nicotero
(make-up artist, Boogie Nights, Austin Powers in Goldmember)
Kirk M. Petruccelli
(Production designer, The Patriot, Blade, Tomb Raiders 1 & 2)
Ann Roth
(Costume designer, The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley)
Neil Spisak
(Production designer, Disclosure, Benny and Joon, My Life)
Bruce Weber
Bernie Vyzga
(Production designer, The Nanny; Mad About You)